i’m taking a “pintermission”

April is unexpectedly becoming a big travel month for me (you may recall I just got back from a fun trip to Arizona last week.) Well, on my way home, I received a very interesting email from the cool folks at Honda (the car peeps.) Now y’all know I’m addicted to Pinterest– apparently so much so, that I recently made Mashable’s list of top ten most followed men on Pinterest (along with fellow blog pal, Will).

Anyway, back to Honda. So Honda’s latest campaign for their new CR-V is all about the “Leap List.” Basically, they’re encouraging you to make a list of things you want to do, then get outside (what? the sun? huh?) and Do It (and I suppose Honda would like you to kindly consider a CR-V to help you do that!)

Pinterest basically acts as sort of a visual way of making that type of “list”- you pin things you want to do, or make, or dream of, get inspired by, etc… So Honda challenged me, along with a few other Pinners, to have a “Pintermission.” Take a full day off from “pinning” on the computer (yes, hands up and step away) and go out and do something/anything that I’ve pinned. The best part is, they are willing to sponsor it by giving me $500.

So, I’m like… um….. OKAY??!!! YES PLEASE!

What would I do if given $500 to do something I’d pinned about you might ask? Well … If you’ve followed this blog for awhile, you can probably guess… GO BACK TO HAWAII?!!…. like… NOW. duh?

So that’s what I’m doing (woo hoo!) Got me a quick last minute deal, cashed in some miles and points and I’m off to da islands! Unfortunately Honda is not giving me a CR-V, but I think I’ll get over it… (while sipping my mai tai…)

As part of the deal, I will be pinning what I do to this designated board they set up on Pinterest.

BUT!! I want you to come with me! (well, at least virtually) so please also follow me and my island shenanigans (like last time) on Instagram (@happymundane) and Twitter. I’ll still be posting here, but it might be sporadic since I may (or may not) be frequently found on the beach… sipping mai tais…(did I say that already?) See you soon. Aloha!

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