just a few amazing things 2.17.12

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted one of these! In fact, I believe this is my first one for the year! (and it’s already mid February?! YIKES!) Anyway- happy friday to you and here’s just a few amazing things…

1) These awesome geo-faceted tables were on display at the recent Stockholm Furniture fair. They are designed by Therese Westman and Marie Lindblad (via)

2) Are you on instagram? cuz I’m (finally) instagram-ing y’all! You can catch my latest pics on the sidebar to the right, and follow under @happymundane in Instagram. “Valencia is my filter…” lol

3) The Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs is open! It used to be a Holiday Inn that had been renovated only a few years ago (2007). I visited it in 2008 and frankly am not surprised it got sold. Compared to the stellar Ace hotel across the street, it was kind of a mish mash of styles inside and didn’t seem to know exactly what it wanted to be. Last year it got taken over by the Sydell group, and now it’s become The Saguaro. They gave the previous avocado green facade a bright makeover. I’m loving the happy rainbow of colors! I’ll be finally able to go back to Palm Springs next month so I’ll for sure check out this new incarnation and will give you a full report! (By the way, apparently it’s pronounced “Suh-whar-oh” not “Sag-ware-oh“.)

4) This reminds me of a little fort/tent you’d make out of blankets and a broom when you were in a kid. Except this one is way more sophisticated and in awesome colors and-I-want-one-now. It’s called the Soft Fold Cabane, and is by Marie Dessuant as a concept for the Fabrica’s Next Cabane exhibition. Read more here.

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