February 2012

screenplay adaptations by the mill

So did any of you catch the Oscars this weekend? Personally I thought the show was pretty boring, but I guess most awards shows are. However, one thing that grabbed my attention were the visuals they used to present the nominees for Adapted Screenplay. I loved the slightly retro and simple graphics paired with the hand written script. Turns out they were created by the LA branch of The Mill with Henry Hobson and Tom
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mundane aesthetic: dango

A plate of chewy gooey dango cubes is very necessary for lazy sunny Sundays.
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tgisaturday video break: shiny shiny

Oy. Apologies for the blog blank-ness this week. Apparently this innocent little blog got hacked by a pesky hacker bot and it caused two days of blog blackout. ugh. so annoying. By the way, you can also follow the latest mundane musings on twitter and now instagram (@happymundane) Anyway- I think we’re clean and clear and all shiny shiny (bad times behind me). I’ve posted this before, but after the short
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wall tape by sincol x mt

This is like giant sized washi tape but for your walls! Awesome! Looks like it’s only available in Japan right now (ugh!!) However, you can see the possibilities on their gallery page and get more info here (Note: the site is in Japanese, but you can still check out the images). (via mocoloco)
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just a few amazing things 2.17.12

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted one of these! In fact, I believe this is my first one for the year! (and it’s already mid February?! YIKES!) Anyway- happy friday to you and here’s just a few amazing things… 1) These awesome geo-faceted tables were on display at the recent Stockholm Furniture fair. They are designed by Therese Westman and Marie Lindblad (via) 2) Are you on instag
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pard morrison

Inspired works by Colorado based Pard Morrison. (via)
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