modern ornament adventure 2011 pt. 3

Because tree #2 is in a completely different locale, it requires a completely different state of mind and direction. Ever since the tree of ’07, I’ve had a newfound appreciation for gold (I’d normally be one for silver). While working on Project SB, gold has also made a strong presence (all of which I’ll share shortly) so it just made sense that the ornaments for this tree follow suit.

I actually found my starting inspiration piece in the accessories section of Forever21! While gathering props and styling things for a recent photoshoot, I spied this necklace that has this crudely wrapped chain around it. It goes along with the whole wire-wrapped gem trend, like these on etsy. It also reminded me of a lot of the things that Kelly Wearstler and Dwell Studio have been doing lately. I love this bauble box and this tubular sculpture and orb object. So it was settled… We’re going gold and glam!

I spent a lot of time in the jewelry making department of the craft store. As seen here, I picked up a bunch of gold wire, chain, faux stones and also some packs of faux “ice” acrylic cubes and gem vase fillers.

I played around with several types of ornaments. I spray painted small wood cubes a satin black and stuck a decorative nail head (normally used for upholstery) on each side. I also cut up some leftover straws from the OC tree, and hot glue gunned them together into clusters and spray painted them a shiny gold.

I really wanted to do some wire wrapped gems/rocks. This simple idea turned out to be the hardest! It took a lot of trial and error to get the wire to stay wrapped around them without uncoiling or popping off. I was talking about my wire drama, to my friend Mary Jo. She suggested that many people drill a small starting hole to secure the wire in before you start to wrap. Sadly this information was not at hand when I was putting these together, but I did find that the faster I attempted to wrap the wire, the easier it was for it to stay put.

Anyway, I do like how they turned out. A little primitive glamour and the mini chains added a nice variety in the lengths of the ornaments on the tree!

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