project sb update: all about a girl

It’s funny how one random thing can be the starting point for something much larger. Case in point, my current inspiration for the living room area. I was at an estate sale recently and came across this little piece of fabric sticking out of a bin in the garage area, mixed in with a ton of other random scraps of fabric that the original owner must have been saving for years. I pulled it out to find it was actually a much larger piece and I was loving the retro mid century paint splotchy pattern. The vibrant red tones with the little blue accent hits really spoke to me, so I snatched it up right away.

When I got home, I suddenly remembered that the fabric print reminded me of something else I’d also picked up a few months back: this vintage painting of a girl.

The skirt in the painting totally reminded me of the fabric. It was then that it all hit me. This painting would be an awesome starting point piece for the living room of Project SB! Originally I had thought about doing more blue tones since it is by the beach and all, but I was really liking the idea of using a red as something a little bit unexpected, but still somewhat appropriate. I also loved the gold hits that are on the edge of the black frame. So… black, red, maybe little hits of yellow, creams, white, gold metallics… and lots of little blue accents… this could be very interesting!

Oh mysterious girl in the painting… what design road will you take me on? hm… I think my lovely muse here needs a name though- What do you think I should call her?

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