project sb: a new project + adventure

You may be wondering what is lil’ Pepé doing sitting on a (knock off) Eames lounger and what is he so deep in thought about… Well my friends, he is probably thinking about what to do with the large new space he is sitting in! (that or he could just be taking a nap.) Sometimes life gives you the opportunity to spend some quality time in a new space, and that’s exactly what’s happened to me recently. I’ll be splitting my time now between my home in Orange County and a new space I’ll be using in San Diego (specifically Solana Beach).

It’s a pretty big space, 2 bedrooms, 2.5 bath- all empty and ready for a happymundane touch! I just got the keys this past weekend and a little overwhelmed with all the things I still need. Pepé is very excited about the prospect of becoming a “beach dog” and I’m super excited to start decorating a new home! I’ll be sharing the progress and process of my “Project SB.” Stay tuned for more updates and if any of you are SD based, please leave a comment! Would love to know your recommendations for shops, stores, and any of your favorites!

By the way, the views are AMAZING.

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