tw pottery

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure to spend some time with the always awesome, Tracy Wilkinson. Laure and I went to visit her place she recently moved into (her old place was featured in J3:Z2) and also get a sneak peek at some of her new pots that she’s been working on. It was a gorgeous day in Los Angeles and a perfect time to get together and catch up. So great to step out of the office and spend some quality time with some good friends. Here a few snaps I took of her amazing pots and how Tracy has integrated them in her home.

Laure also took some (way better than my) pics of Tracy’s effortless chic style.

Ok, and the view from her back patio? C’mon…

Check out more of her pots over at her etsy store or her big cartel store, and also be sure to head over to her personal blog.

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