turquoise accents

This turquoise accents in this Swedish summer house are EVERYTHING.

The stairs?



The bookcase that flows into the door frame and then the opposite ledge? Yes, please.

The shower tiles?! I’ll take two! (Le sigh…) By LASC studio. (via architizer)

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  1. Angelia Reply
    Always love turquoise, those stairs are amazing.
  2. Jon Reply
    i love turquoise too angelia! i'm now seriously eye-ing everything in my house right now to see what i can paint, lol
  3. lillabilly Reply
    Turquoise is seriously one of the best colours in the world. And those stairs ARE amazing...SIIIIIIGH!
  4. Uncle Beefy Reply
    Jon, I swear I must have been Scandinavian in a past life! I love this whole thing and the pop of turquoise just sends me over the edge with joy! Sorry I've been scarce. Hope things are well with you, Mr.! :)
  5. grgeblck Reply
    good reference for me when i get my own house!
  6. Kevin - DIY Dork Reply
    Ok... that is seriously cool. Just the right amount of eye searing turquoise mixed in with the chilled out feeling of the rest of the house. I think that shower is calling my name!

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