October 2011

fall centerpiece 2011: part 3 happy drippy greeny halloween-y

Well, here’s what I ended up with for my Fall 2011 centerpiece. As mentioned, I wanted to do something with greens this year. However, I was also loving the idea of white. This idea of grouping bottles with candles on top spotted awhile back in Elle Decoration has always stuck with me. I also saw a cluster of white porcelain bottles like these recently in a store- so I decided maybe I could merge the two concep
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just a few amazing things 10.28.11

It’s been a crazy week for me here in happy mundane land. Lots of commotion in the blog-o-sphere too! Let’s get to some amazing things: • 1) Did you know West Elm has their very own awesome blog now? And oh, look who we have here? ME! lol- If you’re curious, check out this little interview West Elm so kindly had with yours truly, and then check out the rest of their beautiful blog here. (Thank you W
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fall centerpiece 2011: part 2 – drippy glaze pumpkins

I know I had said that this year’s Fall centerpiece was going to be about glass, skulls, drips and lots o’ green, but in the process I got totally side-tracked and inspired to do another side project involving pumpkins. The last time I played with pumpkins, I came up with these “mod / pop” pumpkins. This year I’m going with green tones as originally planned, but taking my cues from potte
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jack spade + jp williams

Collaboration between Jack Spade and JP Williams for Jack Spade Fall 2011. More info and images here.
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