tree no more

Once upon a time… I had a tree. It was a lovely tree. It grew and gave me magical shadows on my windows, provided nice shade and added much needed visual interest in my little porch. Unfortunately, I live in a hyper regulated townhouse complex with an evil Home Owners Association. Up until the other week, I was able to keep my lovely tree. I was notified to trim it from time to time, which I gladly did- no biggie. Well… apparently there’s been a change of the guards at my HOA. I was recently informed that I needed to completely remove the tree. It’s upsetting, frustrating, and annoying, but in reality, I suppose it’s for the best. My patio is not really large enough to accommodate a tree the size it had grown into, and I know that eventually there would be issues with the roots. So… the lovely tree is gone. Sadly, looking through all my pictures, I realize I never really took too many photos of the tree. However, the tree will live on in my memories…

So now I have a weird empty space in my patio, which I guess is a good thing. Time for change!

I know I definitely want to keep things in containers/pots as opposed to planting them in the soil (my soil is basically clay and not very good.) I’ve been considering trying to incorporate some vegetables and herbs (any of you have success with potted veggies?) I was super inspired by this recent article in Sunset Magazine about mixing edible plants into your garden (except mine will be in pots)…  so, that’s the next project! (Also, thank you for everyone’s suggestions the other day when I tweeted about ideas for container veggies) Stay tuned!

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