poppin stationery goods

As digital media continues to change the way we do things, I’m really glad that there are companies attempting to balance that and continue to develop tangible products. Poppin is one of these companies. They are bringing a really fun spin to one of my favorite categories: office supplies! Everything they offer is simple, modern, and packaged with graphics that have a sense of humor. Really loving all the bright happy colors too! They have ballpoint pens, highlighters, staples, organizers, journals, envelopes… just about anything you need to stock an awesome office (furniture is coming soon too!)

I recently received a set of ballpoint pens and a journal from them, and I gotta say, not only are they cool looking- they work really well too!

Another thing I appreciated was just the act of opening up the box. Looks like they put a lot of thought into the experience of unwrapping. The shipping box was covered in witty verbage and clean graphics. As you reveal each layer, you are greeted with another clever piece of packaging.

They even have pre-picked “bundles” which could make a great fit idea- If you’re in the market to brighten up your desktop (or someone else’s), definitely check out Poppin. (love their name too, it makes me think of this song, lol) Oh and check out their blog for more.

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