just a few amazing things 7.29.11

It’s crazy that summer is already half over! Where has the time gone?! Anyway- lots happening! Here’s a few things I think you should look out for:

• 1) If you’re going to be in the San Diego are next week (August 4), an exciting new concept shop is opening up called “Product Porch.” It’s being curated by Blaire Dessent of The Vitrine, and Brooks Hudson Thomas of Specific Merchandise and will be held at the MCASD museum shop. With those two as curators, you know there will be lots of amazing things! (…including perhaps a certain awesome limited edition zine?) It will be up through January 22, 2012. More info here.

•2) Speaking of concept stores, on the other side of the pond, Comme Des Garcons just opened their Good Design Shop in Japan. “…The concept space plays host to a space full of timeless items that stand the test of time. Curated by Kenmei Nagaoka, the shop will feature everything from furniture and electronics to other household items. ” Um… yes please! More info via hypebeast.

•3) This vintage camera pencil sharpener is too cool for skool. (via fred flare)

•4) Are you loving all the indigo action going on at West Elm as much as I am? swoooon…


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