July 2011

just a few amazing things 7.29.11

It’s crazy that summer is already half over! Where has the time gone?! Anyway- lots happening! Here’s a few things I think you should look out for: • 1) If you’re going to be in the San Diego are next week (August 4), an exciting new concept shop is opening up called “Product Porch.” It’s being curated by Blaire Dessent of The Vitrine, and Brooks Hudson Thomas of Specific Merchandi
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tgif dancin’ break: wolves

This song makes me want to do my best 80’s Breakfest Club-Molly-Ringwald-esque dance. (although Ally Sheedy was pretty rad too) Hope you have a good one! song: “Wolves” by The Good Natured  artwork by me.
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all is not lost

There’s also a fun interactive version of the video where you can type in a phrase/words for them to spell out (you must use google chrome) band: ok go
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tree no more

Once upon a time… I had a tree. It was a lovely tree. It grew and gave me magical shadows on my windows, provided nice shade and added much needed visual interest in my little porch. Unfortunately, I live in a hyper regulated townhouse complex with an evil Home Owners Association. Up until the other week, I was able to keep my lovely tree. I was notified to trim it from time to time, which I gladly did- no bigg
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thermafresh cooler boxes

Nice alternative to those clunky styrofoam coolers! Thermafresh recycled cardboard box coolers are made of 70% recycled cardboard and are recyclable themselves. But more importantly, there are awesome simple graphic penguins and an igloo on it. ’nuff said. Available here. (via uncrate, via gizmodo)
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