j3 zine at your leisure #3

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you’ll probably be familiar with my company’s little project, At Your Leisure. This little “zine” is really our “labor of love” and serves as just a little bit of eye candy to hopefully delight and inspire. I’m so excited to say that we finally completed #3 and the issue is currently available for purchase via the J3 website.

Each issue centers around a theme, (#3’s theme is “cultivate”) and we also feature local people that “live what they love”, and get a sneak peek into their creative spaces. In this issue, we get a chance to chat with local Orange Country surf industry legend, Jeff “Yoki” Yokoyama. Jeff designs several awesome clothing lines and they all can be found in his eclectic “Yoki Shop“. Also, we worked once again with the ever talented Laure Joliet to document a tour of the Los Angeles home of Beth Katz. You’re going to just love her warm and cozy “beach house in the trees.”

With printed shelter magazines continuing to disappear before us, we just feel it’s so important to continue creating tangible things. We only made 500 of these lil’ guys (each issue is hand numbered and also includes a surprise gift!) and we hope we can find good homes for them So…. what are you waiting for?! click here to get yours now!

And here’s a sexy little teaser video again that we did in collaboration with our pal Roman :

We’ll be posting more behind the scenes shots as well as other inspiration on the site, and you can also keep up with the zine on facebook. We hope you’ll enjoy… At Your Leisure!

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  1. Venus Reply
    I ordered mine the other day. I can't wait for them to arrive issues 2 & 3... will there ever be a reprint of issue 1?
  2. Jon Reply
    hey v- thank you so much for your support! we sent out a bunch yesterday so they should arrive soon- if you don't receive it by the end of next week, let us know- unfortunately there currently are no plans for a hardcopy reprint of issue#1 :-(
  3. Venus Reply
    Issues #2 & #3 got here this morning. It felt like Christmas. LOVE - nothing but tons of eye candy including hot guys! I can't wait for #4. I'm going to hoard both zines in my room so my teenager won't come put her dirty little hands on them... Lol
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