arizona 2011

Hi folks! I’m back from my quick but very educational trip to Arizona. Why Arizona? I’m not really sure. I’ve been thinking a lot about “the future” lately. The “future” in both a more general sense (technology, design trends, direction, etc…) as well as on a more personal level for myself. Strangely, I have found that I’ve been drawn to ideas in “the west.” This has lead me to start exploring and visiting more desert-like regions of the US. Arizona was next up on my list!

I don’t exactly remember when, but I recall watching something on TV about a “Biosphere.” I think it was on the Discovery Channel or Travel Channel. (I don’t really talk about this on this blog much, but there is definitely a little sci-fi geek inside of me!) After a little research online, turns out the Biosphere 2 is available for tours and well, hey- I’m there! The Biosphere2 is located in between Phoenix and Tucson. I ended up visiting Tucson first, then the Biosphere2, then stayed in Scottsdale for the remainder day or so, where I also visited Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic Taliesin West. All in all, the trip was incredibly enlightening and inspiring. There was good and bad and everything in between. I still need to process all the photos and info that is swelling in my head, but can’t wait to share all the amazing-ness that is to be found in the very “hot” state of Arizona. Btw, thank you so much to all of you that sent me recommendations! Great places and I ate a little tooo well! Stay tuned!

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