just a few (amazing) things 1.28.11

Wow. This is the last weekend of January! 2011 is in full effect! The weather has been pretty great here in So Cal, so I feel for you that are stuck in the crazy snowpocalypse that’s happening in the East. (it’s clear sunny skies right now and we’re expecting a high of 72 this afternoon… not to rub it in… hehe) The shot above is another one I took recently on my way home from the office. The sunsets have been beautiful! Anyway, onto some linkage…

these photos by One Love Photo are making me ache to return to da islands. (via hape hale)

• I just discovered Club Monaco’s “Culture Club” tumblr/pinterest type blog thing. Really interesting stuff and lots of random but cool images. Check it out here.

• simply gorgeous splashes of paint in fresh spring colors over at Kristina Klarin’s blog

• I did a giveaway last fall with Polli, and they just let me know that they’re having a HUGE sale right now. Great jewelry and accessories! They’re based out of Australia, but they ship overseas for a flat $5 US rate, and during the sale, you get an extra 10% off for international orders (since international orders are exempt from Australian taxes). Check it out here.

• these “forest spoon” stirrers designed by Nendo are adorable! (via Dezeen)

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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