just a few (amazing) things 01.07.11

Woo hoo! happy first friday of 2011! It’s been awhile since I’ve done a little linkage, but before I do, I thought I’d share two recent amazing additions to my mundane abode that have been making me very happy.

(left) I ended up getting a set of those gorgeous terra cotta geo planters right before the holidays. I actually was able to find the artist, Megumi Yoshida, who makes them and purchased them via her etsy shop. She now has them in other colors and her work is just drool-worthy. I put some of those fake LED candles inside my set. (I was worried the heat of real candles might crack or damage the terra cotta) They look so modern and cozy by my stairs! (right) Two random wood pieces I picked up from an estate sale. I especially love the piece at the bottom that looks like a whale!

Anyway- onto the linkage:

Dabito got a DNA test for his adorable Beatrice, and I’ve been seriously thinking about doing it for my lil Pepé, since I know he’s no ordinary Chihuahua. I’m suspecting he’s mixed with Jack Russel, and maybe even a little greyhound but who knows. Have any of you ever had a DNA test done for your dog? Any recommendations?

• Another awesome roundup of vintage magazine covers by Henry Wolf over at Cukoo for Coconuts

• You HAVE to check out this incredible video showing Justin’s home over on le boeuf. In my perfect dream world I would have the discipline to live in such minimal modern-marvelous-ness, but I’m too much of an admitted pack rack hoarder. (sigh)… but I’ll just avert my eyes from my visual chaos and go back to drooling over his house thanks.

• This has to be one of the most hilariously disturbing things I’ve seen lately. A troll tatoo… but where it is located is what’s so disturbing. Not for the faint of heart. (of course now I know you’ll totally click here right? lol- You have been WARNED!)

• I really like this New Years Card by Frank Chimero... Sums up a lot in my head for this year right now!

• I’m really loving these cute bird sculptures and these happy yellow canary votive holders both from CB2

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