ben wilson chewing gum art

Kind of gross and yet completely amazing and inspiring. Ben Wilson is a chap from London who painted designs on random pieces of discarded chewing gum that was on the sidewalks. I first read about this via the Wanderlust Gallery blog, and after doing a little more digging, found that he garnered quite a bit of press in England for it.

I guess he was most prolific around 2005-2009, and I can’t seem to find any current info, so he might not even be doing it any more? (anyone know?) Regardless, it’s a great story and reminder that inspiration really can be found anywhere. Something that most would consider “ugly” can become beautiful, which is quite “happy mundane” isn’t it? See more of his art here (which has more links). Also, check out this post at Kuriositas that is more indepth and has a ton more pics. via Wanderlust and Kuriositas, images via flickr users hairyegg and judepics

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