a quirky balance

I am so drawn to this shot of this room in Angel Dormer’s apartment, featured in the Jan/Feb 2011 Lonny. There’s such a fun quirky mix of things, yet it feels completely balanced and… perfect?! All the artwork and mid century pieces are amazing, but what really tugs at my heart strings are the unexpected things: the little skull on top of the books, the little bird under the glass dome, the owl pillow and even the leopard print (which I’d normally be afraid of, yet it totally works here!) Also love the large scale patterned rug. It just all works so well and leaves me with a fun fresh feeling. I especially love the her inspired quote:

“My interior is really a [collection] of everything I’ve accumulated and need a place for, it’s not necessarily about decorating… [It’s] more about [finding a place for] the things that make me happy.”

(photo by Patrick Cline)

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