modern ornament adventure 2010 pt. 3

So I mentioned I wanted a hit of neon fluorescent yellow, and was trying to figure out how to incorporate that in. Recently I’ve accumulated a bunch of awesome vintage craft and decor books from used book stores. One in particular, called “Crafts Design: An Illustrated Guide by Moseley, Johnson, & Koenig (1964)” proved to be the answer: A simple paper strip ball!…Super simple and pretty self explanatory.

So I made a few and got my pop! Here’s a teaser pic of how it’s all coming together…

Over at Stanley Moons, there’s a great image of some more fabulous paper ornaments! Check it out more here.

I have a few more crafty projects to finish this weekend and I’ll reveal the final next week!

Are any of guys doing any last minute projects this weekend too?

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