modern ornament adventure 2010 pt.1

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you’ll know I try to do something fun and crafty each holiday. Last year, I was in a grey geometric mood– This year, well… I’m still stuck on the geometrics- except… (more after the jump)

I’ve been feeling the need to change the overall color scheme. Last year, I struggled with totally switching it up or keeping it mostly the same. I ended up keeping it mostly the same, but this year, I’ve been thinking I can change things up, but still be able to use a lot of the existing pieces and just… transition it to a new palette-

I’ve been really loving the warm neutrals with neon bright accents that J.Crew has been doing lately. Love the colors of their current holiday window display collaboration with Confetti System– (sorry my quick window display pics are kind of not so cute.) Dwelling On Design has some better pics here.

So… that is the inspiration for this year’s tree. I’m keeping the gold, grey, white and muted yellow ochre from my exisiting decorations, but mixing in new colors of light and muted oranges, with maybe a soft muted pink and a pop of neon yellow- This tear from 2009’s J.Crew catalog kind of has all the colors I’m talking about…

But i’m going to add in a more geometric edge to it. I guess I’ll call it “neo-geo”? Over the weekend- I busted out some pretty colored paper (via Papersource) the x-acto, a metal ruler, and some help from the interweb- and thus started the Happy mundane 2010 modern ornament adventure!… stay tuned over the next few days as I show you the results!

here’s the 2006 “tree” (branches), the 2007 tree, my 2008 decor and wreath, and 2009 tree .

Are any of you doing non-traditional color schemes for your holiday decor?

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