just a few (amazing) things 12.3.10

The other weekend, Laure and Abby came down to OC to hang with me. I took them to Old Town Orange, one of my favorite places for vintage shopping. Laure scored some awesome finds and you can check them out here. She also took a couple snaps of my home, which you can see here. Laure also took the shot you see above of my lil Pepé. He was trying to be all cute for the girls. show off. (Pepé photo by Laure Joliet)

• Speaking of Pepé, my friend Dehx is organizing this fantastic event to help local OC shelter animals. She’s trying to get together blankets and little sweaters, since it gets really cold in those shelters and many of the animals there don’t have anything to help keep them warm.  Pepé was a shelter dog himself, so I know he’d appreciate any help you could give. More info here.

• Stylist Alanna Davey has some really inspired work. Thanks to Plastolux for the introduction. (via Plastolux)

Conn did a great post of some gorgeous vintage magazine covers from the 50s and 60s that all involve graphic stripes. Check it out here. (via Cuckoo for Coconuts)

• Speaking of vintage magazines, Gregory (aka Typefiend) goes  circa 1967 Playboy to find some decor and fashion inspiration. I have to agree, the styling of this shoot could totally be right out of the current Urban Outfitters catalog (sans nudity of course)… Loving the couch in the first image. oh, btw, this link would obviously be NSFW, so click with caution kids. (via typefiend)

• Bueller? Bueller?… one of my all time favorite movies from the 80s. Do you remember the house that was featured in it that Cameron lived in? In reality, it was the Ben Rose house, designed by A. James Speyer and David Haid in Illinois. OMG. amazing. Check out picks here and here.

•  SALE! Poketo is having their warehouse sale this weekend in LA, starting tomorrow. Lots of goodies, and perfect for holiday gifting! Sale starts tomorrow (Saturday Dec. 4) click here for more info.

• And finally, do you need some new towels? Kmart is having a contest to promote their Country Home line of high quality towels. They’re asking “Towels: soft, absorbent or quick dry?” and if you post your answer on their site, you could win one of 3 sets of towels that they’re giving away. All the info here.

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