Egle Amaldi’s living room

So much to love about this room!! The caption reads: “A colourful living-room decorated both simply and spontaneously. The hand-designed tapestries, cushions and curtains are all by the designer himself. Architect Egle Amaldi.” (much more after the jump…)

I found this image in another vintage book picked up recently, called: Living Spaces: 150 Design Ideas from around the World. Studio Vista/Whitney Library of Design. New York. Edited by Franco Magnani- 1978

Let’s take a closer look- I mean, SOOOO much awesomeness going on. First, check out the great bookcase. Love all the random elements that feel collected over time. Then there’s the great striped upholstery on the couch.

Note the great fuschia coffee table! But really, the standout element is that there’s a hammock!

The other element I love is the curtains.

I love how he carried the stripe to line up from the curtain onto the wall- also there’s an accent of color on the bottom of the curtain too. Just a great cozy and colorful space that I would have loved to hang out in. I can’t find much more info about the architect, but if you ever come across this book- DEFINITELY get it!

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