just a few (amazing) things 11.17.10

Can you believe next week is Thanksgiving already?! I have to be honest, I’m really looking forward to this festive season and I want to get started earlier this year. Seems like the past few years I’ve waited until last minute to get going. This year I’m hoping to get my decorations up earlier, shopping done sooner and just be able to really enjoy the holidays more. The paper sculpture above was seen in the window of the Anthropologie store at Chelsea Market when I was there a few weeks ago. Cardboard cut into triangles and stapled? together. Totally giving me inspiration for this year’s decor… hm… When do you guys start putting up your decorations? Next week? Do you wait until closer to Christmas?

This kitchen makeover really shows the power of paint. It’s pretty genius and quite a transformation… and under $500! So Inspiring!! (via Apartment Therapy)

• I’m generally a nice guy, but those who know me on a day to day know I can dish some sarcasm and cynicism from time to time as well (lucky for you I just don’t do it via this blog, hehe) Therefore, I can definitely appreciate this “bad girl’s guide to good housekeeping.” If you happen to enjoy a bit of tongue in cheek biting commentary on design- with a pinch of snarkiness , sprinkled with some (warning: NSFW) language, then this blog is for you. Be forewarned, they don’t hold back- even my blog isn’t safe!

• I tweeted this yesterday, (follow me on twitter here) but seriously, it needs to be a rule that donuts and pools should go together. (via at home at home)

• love these easy DIY terrariums that Morgan did. I heart terrariums. (via the brick house)

•Always great to look at a David Hockney painting. Freshjive reminds us of his California aesthetic. (via Freshjive)

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