j3 zine: At Your Leisure #2

If you follow my facebook or twitter, you probably have noticed me posting “sneak peeks” of our j3 zine, At Your Leisure, issue #2. For those of you unfamiliar, J3 is my design company and At Your Leisure is a special 4-part project we started last year. We just wanted to create something fun- not only for ourselves, but also as an homage to all the other things, people, blogs, etc… that give us so much inspiration. We’re not calling it a “magazine” but instead, a “zine“- as a reference to all the independent hand made publications that we loved back in the late 80s and 90s (except I guess our version has slightly higher production values, hehe)… (more after the jump)

(top image thanks to Gregory aka typefiend)

We work on this little “labor of Love” in between our client projects, and we’re so excited to say that Issue #2 is ready to share! Each issue revolves around a theme (issue #1 was “collection”– actually you can preview the entire issue #1 here. For #2, we explore “vision”. We also feature people who “live what they love”, as well as the creative spaces they call “home.” Mix in a some fun graphics, a little fashion, and tons of eye candy, and you have 70 full color pages of At Your Leisure!

Each issue is limited edition, (we only ran 500 issues) and they are all hand numbered. We’re also throwing in a little surprise gift with each one as well. If you’re interested, you can get your own copy straight through the website here. Thanks for checking it out and for all of your support!

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