Muji book

WHOA- stop the press- breaking news! My beloved Muji is coming out with a book?! To commemorate it’s 30th anniversary- published by Rizzoli- AND it’s available in two weeks?! I don’t even know what’s inside. I don’t know if I care. JUST GIVE IT TO ME! um… pre-ordering NOW. (via NYT) more after the jump…

“MUJI MUJI Book from Rizzoli , releasing on October 26, 2010, from Rizzoli, is a delightful brand book. Essays from designer Jasper Morrison and John C. Jay bring the growth of the brand into firm perspective. They write gracefully, but without the back patting celebration one might expect. They are, like the brand itself, matter of fact. Their tone is reflective of the publication as a whole – one that honestly presents three decades of advertising, product, and unique retail space. © MUJI, Rizzoli New York, 2010″ (more info and images via selectism)

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