just a few (amazing) things 10.25.10

It’s another grey, wet monday in So Cal. Pepé kind of sums up my mood right now. However, here are a bunch of happy and amazing things on the interweb that can help brighten the morning:

• Simple but beautiful tissue paper collage cards of Paper Covers Rock (via tea for joy)

• I’ve always been a fan of Jamie Oliver, but i never seem to be able to catch his shows on food network. Well, thanks to Creature Comforts, I found out he has a youtube channel! Lots of good stuff there- check it out! (via creature comforts)

• Are you participating in Apartment Therapy’s Fall Cure? This time Maxwell has taken things up a notch and added videos, and I’m really enjoying them. See them all here.

• This old school USB typewriter keyboard is… like… Uh.maz.ing.  (via whorange)

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