just a few (amazing) things 10.11.10

Last year, I toiled trying to get my “half” painted look with my pumpkins, but this year, I found these guys (above) already done for me! More about these “pear bi-color” gourds here.

•I’m always fascinated with historical spaces that are mashed with ultra modern. The glass balconies at the recently re-opened Corinthian Club in Glasgow are divine. See more here. (via weheart)

Susie found this exhibition of Warhol illustrations. Amazing. (via makesomethinghappy)

•rad retro 60s ads slideshow by Geigy (via wallpaper)

•really loving this super simple, clean and chic belt. (via needsupply) Incidentally, you might start noticing more men’s fashion related items being blogged here. In an effort to curb some recent reckless retail therapy, I’m going to take the advice of a good friend who once said “don’t buy it, just blog about it!”- so… just humor me, hehe

•whoa- i thought this image was some fun landscape background from some quirky stop-motion animation film, but it’s actually a microscopic image of graphite?! how cool is that?! (via unbeige)

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