dinosaurs as decor

Continuing from my dinosaur theme from earlier this week, it’s no secret that I love dinosaurs (I guess what guy doesn’t?). Naturally, my eye always notices whenever one is present. I’ve been slowly accumulating images where I’ve found dinosaurs used as decorative objects. I’m at a point now where I’m slightly obsessed. I’m officially pushing them to be the next bird/deer/owl/octopus/animal object du jour!!… (much more after the jump)

Ok, so yes, they’re usually found in children’s rooms, and not necessarily first choice for more mature decor, but why not? They’ve got great shapes, they’re fun… and they’re DINOSAURS! The first time I really noticed how well they worked was in this now classic image from the late great Domino (above). The room itself was nice and all, but the little hit of dinosaur just took it to a whimsical new level.

Then I saw them in the house of photographer Dewey Nicks (from a feature in LA Times magazine– photo by William Abranowicz) (below right) And then earlier this year, I spotted them in the house tour of Cara Scarola (via designsponge). So, yeah, in both this cases, they are in a child’s room, but nonetheless- it looks so cool! (below left)

I also found this image below- but for the life of me, can’t remember where I got it from (sorry!)- so if anyone recognizes it- let me know so I can properly credit it! BTW, I actually still have the dame set of dinosaurs from when I was a kid. I love how they spray painted them gold!

I tell ya, the dinosaur campaign must get started! For example, how awesome would it be to see a ceramic version, a la Jonathan Adler?! (Mr. Adler, are you listening?! special request!!) or maybe some cool print on a pillow? Another variation and current example is by Palace Papers, Their “Fossil Fuel” wallpaper is one of my faves.

I even purchased a swatch/sample and framed it! (below)

Anyway- I’m off to figure out some sort of cool dino-centric table display for this weekend… Any of you have any dino decor? Seen any other fun examples? please share in the comments!  Long live the dinosaur!!

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