October 2010

tgif video break#2 : bump

OMG its friday night! time fo a little’ pop lock ‘n bump’n…
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TGIF video break: telephone

to kick off halloween weekend… a little 80s flashback Sheena Easton – Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair)Uploaded by EMI_Music. – Watch more music videos, in HD!
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neon spiders

I’m currently in NYC for a really quick trip. Spotted this really cute window display at the Marc Jacobs kids store- a ginormous neon spider web! It was filled with really quirky funny spiders made of black painted styrofoam balls, pipecleaners, neon cord and neon googly eyes. LOVE IT!!! more pics after the jump
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a little nouveau western for fall

I’m feeling a little “nouveau” western vibe for fall, so this is what’s currently on my table. It ended up having a similar palette to my table from 2008… but this year I have a cool skull… cuz skulls are rad. I actually found the skull (it’s fake, resin cast) at the pet store in the lizard section, and added a little florescent orange pencil stripe across it. The white totem
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crafting community

Recently, the second Kimmel Kids and Splendid Crafting Community weekend took place. It was at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs and it looked like an amazing, creative, and inspiring time was had by all! (more pics after the jump)…
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