mundane aesthetic: wax apple

These are “wax apples” or sometimes called “bell fruit” (or  “liannwu” or “lembu” in Taiwan) and they’re these tropical fruits that are commonly found only in Asia. I’ve only had them when visiting Taiwan, and they’re my mom’s favorite fruit. We have a ton of asian markets here in So Cal, but I’ve never seen these here. Apparently they are quite hard to grow here in the States, but unexpectedly, one of my neighbors has managed to cultivate a tree and this year there’s a bunch that grew…

The other day, while walking Pepé, I saw her in the yard, and she gave me a couple (woo hoo!). The taste is hard to describe. It looks like an apple, but doesn’t have the density of one, it’s much lighter, almost like a watermelon. They’re very crispy, and juicy. Any of you ever have these?

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