Lifestyle Illustration of the 60s

To quote Prince, sort of, “…could you be? the most beautiful girl book in the world?…” For all you fellow Mad Men and vintage lovers, this book is nothing short of drool worthy and amazing-ness. Over 1000 images of vintage 60s lifestyle illustrations edited by Rian Hughes

The dramatic compositions, the exaggerated poses, the washes of colors, …the looks… the eyes! I would love to blow all of these up as huge posters! What’s also great about the book is that it’s arranged in chronological order.

It’s so interesting to see the shifts in styles from the beginning of the 60s, which kind of crosses over from the 50s, and then moves to the groovy late 60s. A definite must have. Oh, and next month apparently a 50’s version is coming out! woo hoo! Here’s a quick video flip through I did so you can see for yourself…

The book is published by Fiell. I got mine at Hennessey and Ingalls, but it’s also available via Amazon.

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