just a few (amazing) things 09.21.10

•UGH, nothing like a monday server/hosting issues to start your week off. If you might have noticed, things looked a little non existent here yesterday. Apologies, apparently this site got attacked with a ton of bogus hits prompting our server/host to suspend our account. great. took forever to get it back up. and… we’re back up!! (hopefully it stays this way… fingers crossed) Anyway, this post was supposed to go up yesterday, but please enjoy today…

• The image with the kid on the kitchen counter with the antlers kills me. Love it. And LOVE the kitchen. Click here. (via emmas designblog)

NotCot lauches Tasteologie. Yum! Check it out.

hope you had a great weekend! here’s some linkage of things I’ve been diggin

• I think I need a giant camera obscura too! (via something’s hiding in here)

• I agree the music is a bit cliché, but… they’re BUBBLES!!♥♥ GIANT BUBBLES!! ♥♥ watch the video here. (via fecal face)

• The above little sculpture was another estate sale find from this weekend. Pretty much the story of my life, hehe. I’m obsessed with collecting more of these!

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