west elm weathered wood spheres

I saw these weathered wood spheres in store over the summer when I was visiting Brooklyn, and then saw them again a second time at another West Elm store in Vegas- I oogled them, but each time decided to pass, mainly because I didn’t want to hand carry them. Then I saw them again while at the Santa Monica store last week. This time, I was thinking, OK, I really really like them. But again, didn’t want to carry them, so I figured, I’ll just order them online… (continued after the jump)When I got home, OMG- THEY WEREN’T THERE ANYMORE! (Edit: the small one is now back in stock, but the large one is no longer available.) Don’t you hate when that happens? I guess these spheres were summer product, and they’ve moved onto Fall. Which of course put me into buyer’s panic, and then I became obsessed (do any of you fellow shop-a-holics know the feeling I’m talking about? hehe) and had to trek myself all the way back to the Santa Monica store and get them. Luckily the store still had them. Whew! They are quite lovely aren’t they?

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