john derian fall 2010 at Target

It’s hard to believe but it’s already been two years (2008) that John Derian debuted a collection at Target. Well, he’s back for Fall 2010. My impression of that first collection was a bit underwhelming, and I think it mainly had to do with the production value, however… (more after the jump)…here’s hoping this time around they’ve upped things a bit? What I do like, and liked the last time as well, was the actual designs. Really liking the “phrenology” design of this tray ($12.99), the moth print in the box($8.99-$12.99) and mug ($4.99),

and also those leaf plates ($2.99 each) in the first part of the post. 
All the pieces should go for under $25. The entire collection is expected to hit select Target stores and target.com September 5.  As usual, I’ll for sure give an update once I see them in person at my local Target. Check out the entire collection here. See anything you like?

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