Irvine in the house…

It’s not everyday that I see my little hometown of Irvine, CA mentioned in the media. It’s always a little weird to hear it said outloud (for example, Sayid’s original love Nadia, in LOST, was Irvine, oh and Locke lived in Tustin!? and Libby was from Newport Beach?!) Anyway- I happened to catch the movie, The Informant, with Matt Damon, and in one scene, I suddenly recognized a building. I was like- hey- I know that place- and then suddenly on the screen, the words appear (above)- Turns out they shot that scene at the Marriott hotel which is nearby my office. Neato! Then in last month’s Sunset Magazine…they had a little blurb inset about one of my local haunts, 85 degrees Celcius bakery (photo by andrea m gomez for Sunset Mag). If you follow my twitter, you’ll probably know that I do frequent that place… quite often. And if you ever find yourself in Irvine, I highly recommend it. The brioche will literally melt in your mouth upon entering. Amazing.
Anyhoo, all of this local talk got me thinking of all you HM readers, and reminded me that I haven’t done my annual poll. So I’m curious, where are all of you? Are any of you local to Orange County? Recently I went antique shopping with fellow OC style blogger, Mary Jo from Trust Your Style, and we had a conversation about the possibility of a get-together of local bloggers. Between the two of us, we don’t personally know that many OC bloggers and readers, but we know you’re out there!- (even if you don’t have a blog) And I’m always fascinated to know where all of you are coming from- So.. If you don’t mind leaving a quick comment, you know I’m in Irvine, WHERE ARE YOU? (and leave a link to your blog if you have one, so everyone else can share!)

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Thanks again for taking time and stopping by! Have a great weekend!

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