Martha Stewart Living August 2010

The cover of the Martha Stewart Living August 2010 is soo beautiful and perfect to start the weekend with- But it’s not just the cover that is amazing… (so much more after the jump)

I am completely OBSESSING over the inside article about Dip Dye. Ever since I did those branches, and the chairs, I’ve had the dip dye technique in my head. (although for those two projects, I used spray paint to get the dip dye look instead) But I digress- the article has soooo many great ideas. Dip dye bags, candles, rugs, lampshades?! stationery…! my mind is exploding. And the colors they used- the gorgeous grey and blue tones… and even a pop of hot orange.  I’m seriously Dye-ing. (har har… sorry. i couldn’t resist)- Run, don’t walk, and check out the August 2010 issue of MSL– so inspiring…

(photos by the amazing Dana Gallagher for MSL)

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