HM book week 2010!

Last weekend, I stopped by this book store that’s just down the street, right at the border of Irvine and Orange.  Some of you might remember there used to be a bookstore chain called Crown Books? Well, this store location used to be a “Super Crown”. Since Super Crowns and Crown Books are no longer,  this particular store location turned into this weird outlet/used book store warehouse thing.  Anyway- I’ve known it’s been there forever, but just randomly decided to go inside. It’s now called $1 book store, and they weren’t kidding! All the books were $1!! Um. kind of went crazy. Left with about 16 or so books. All old vintage 60s, 70s, and 80s craft/decor books. AMAZING. Some of them were apparently old library books, some dead stock. I don’t know where they get them- but OMG. I was a happy camper. Check out this cover from an old Better Homes and Gardens Deck and Patio Projects book, circa 1977:

There are so many great ideas – Love this detail (below), where they built the deck around the tree clusters. Doesn’t it look like the best place to hang out? There have been soo many other books I’ve picked up the past few months and I’ve been meaning to share my reviews, but I’ve also been really busy with work, and then before you know it- a few more months pass by! So- I’ve decided to combine them all and just devote the rest of the week to books. I’ll also be posting other random happy mundane things, but just FYI, there will be a whole lotta book lovin’ going on this week- I’ll also be having another HM book giveaway, so be on the lookout for that later this week too. (free stuff! yay!) In the meantime, look out for the first review later this afternoon. By the way, have you picked up any new books lately? Decor/design or otherwise? leave a comment and share! It’s summertime, and I’m sure everyone is looking for a good book to thumb through while lounging about beachside, poolside, or couch-side on lazy weekends. Would love to hear any recommendations!

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