Stella Artois and Mother

Ok- TOTALLY loving the recent campaigns for Stella Artois, created by the brilliant minds at Mother agency (London). They’ve been doing this whole mod 60’s campaign (and you know I’m a sucker for anything mod 60’s) and these inspired series of short videos that are just genius. In the first series, they created a TV show called “Le Recyclage de Luxe show”.  OMG. it’s so good.

But wait- there’s more…

So there’s like NINE amazing episodes to peruse. check out their youtube channel for all the awesomeness here.

BUT WAIT! there’s EVEN MORE!! They’ve now released a new series, basically a continuation, but this one is called “Co2eux Soireé”- There’s supposed to be 4 more videos available on a Facebook page, but I can’t seem to get to the page yet (or it hasn’t launched yet)

Anyway, they also can’t be embedded (argh.) but check out episode #1 here. and #2 here on the LoupDargent blog. (#2 features a way groovy music video of Marina and the Diamond’s “I am Not a Robot”)

If any of you find that the Facebook page starts working, let me know!

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