pet portraits

Disclaimer- if you don’t like dogs or pets, you may want to skip this post…

Ok, now when lil Pepé first came into my life, I quickly realized that I was going to become one of “those people”. No one needs to know that basically all of my photos on my phone are of Pepé (mostly of him sleeping as that is the only time he stays still… plus it’s just so darn cute! and really, i could devote a whole blog to just posting pictures of him, lol!)- anyway- since he is in many ways “my baby”, I have to be honest that the thought of having an artistic portrait of him has crossed my mind. I’ve seen many sites that do “pet portraits” and some can range from really cheesy (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing) to really beautiful.

Jill Stalowicz recently sent me an email introducing me to her company Smallish. She explains that her goal is to “…modernize the perception of fine art portraiture.” Please check out her site, she has done some amazing work. She also has a great gallery that features her portraits in modern settings so you can visualize what it might look like in your own home. The image below is one of my favorites that features a portrait of an adorable pup.

The lead image of this post (before the jump) was one I snapped from an upcoming house tour of my friends Cheryl and Josh. They have silhouettes of their dogs (and themselves) in fun colors, like the quirky portraits by Carter Kustera that you see at Barneys.

So my question, have any of you had a portrait done of your pet? do you think it’s incredibly tacky or endearing? If you have had a portrait done, any recommendations?

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