mundane travels: Vdara

The other weekend, I went for a quick trip to Vegas for my birthday. This time I stayed at the new Vdara hotel. During the last holidays, I stayed at the recently opened Aria Hotel, in the new City Center (see that review post here). I have to say, I’m still really excited and impressed with the City Center in general. Now for Vdara…Vdara is actually located behind the Aria. For some reason, I thought it was in front and to the side, but no, it’s behind- so if you’re driving in, make sure you turn on Harmon, and not into the City Center/Aria Drive, else you’ll have to walk quite a ways around (like I did). Also, there is no self parking for Vdara, it’s all valet (but it’s complimentary).  I really liked the cool boat art piece installation in front.

The thing about Vdara that is different from Aria is that there is no casino, shops, and various restaurants, etc… It’s basically just the hotel (I think there’s also condos inside), and they do have a big spa. The rooms also have a small kitchenette inside. I’m not sure how many people actually plan on cooking in their room while in Vegas (I just can’t imagine strolling through the lobby with a couple bags of produce and groceries in hand), but I guess it’s nice to know that you can. I did use the microwave to heat up some coffee. Perhaps if you have children or are staying for an extended period of time, this could be convenient. The rooms do not come with silverware or utensils but they can be provided through housekeeping. The room decor itself is very nice. Modern/contemporary. There’s a desk, and a little dining table. Big windows- and the bathroom is nice and big too.

Because there’s no casino, it stays pretty mellow in the lobby. There’s a big bar out front, and then they have Silk Road. Silk Road is a lounge-y type place, and it’s all Karim Rashid’d out. I liked the gold wallpaper.

The colors are bit bright and crazy first thing in the morning- but let me tell you- the breakfast sliders were amazing. Highly recommended.

Vdara is also connected to the back side of the Bellagio. This was really convenient since I ended up watching “O” at Bellagio and just had to walk over.

Overall- Vdara is really nice. I don’t know if I’d personally feel the need to stay there again, but I’m glad I did. To be honest, I think I prefer staying at Aria better. For me, part of the fun of Vegas is being able to pull that last lever on the slot machine on the way out, or buy something totally unnecessary at one of the shops. (But maybe not being able to do that isn’t such a bad thing!) I do think that Vdara is a great alternative to the crazy crowded chaotic mega tourist casino/hotels. I guess it just depends on what you’re looking for. Check out more of my Vdara picks here on my flickr page. Have any of you stayed at Vdara? what did you think?

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