Martha Stewart Pets at Petsmart

The other day, I saw a tweet from Happy mundane pal, typefiend, about the launch of the new Martha Stewart Pets line at Pets Smart– And being the dutiful pet owner and Martha obsessed fan that I am- HAD to check it out!…The whole line is definitely “Martha” and it’s always nice seeing that gorgeous Martha blue- I loved the little robes, and the food bowls are my favorite- Really appreciated that they have the stainless steel insert- but of course, all the little blue ones were gone by the time I got to see them. There were additional items like this bed that Pepé seemed to like, and a bunch of toys. The toys are cute, but kind of expensive. I ended up getting a little pack of these blue tennis balls. I wish they had squeakers in them (Pepé loves the squeakers), but regardless they are still SO CUTE. Have any of you seen the line yet? Did you get anything?

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