oshibe by tomomi sayuda

Maxwell at AT posted this the other day and I’ve been oddly obsessed with it ever since. I don’t even know what it really is. A light? A sound machine? (see video behind the jump)…According to Tomomi’s site, it says “Oshibe plays sounds, has lights and entertains you. Oshibe means stamen in Japanese which is where my inspiration came from. But Oshibe is also inspired by other optimistic elements of life: eggs, plants, light and the moon. This is a playful interactive lighting sculpture. When you put eggs on stamens, Oshibe plays tender ambient sounds and lights up. Each stamen plays a different sound. The sounds change according to the number and position of the eggs.

I’m obsessed I tell you. obsessed… Check out more of Tomomi’s incredible interactive work here.

via AT,  photos and video via Tomomi Sayuda

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