nyc 2010 ideas part 1

As previously mentioned, I’m in NYC and it’s always such a source of ideas as I traipse around the stores and buildings. Saw a few things that I thought could be fun inspiration. First up is this wall display at West Elm in Dumbo…I love the raw wood planks that they nailed on the wall and then mounted the clean and simple white modern shelving in front. Kind of becomes functional art! There’s always those shipping palates by the dumpsters by my offices- looks like they took something like that and took it apart- I could even imagine some neat paint washes.

Next is a continuation of the “gradation stairs” I posted awhile back- My eye was drawn to the graphic grey stripe that went across the balusters. Love how the grey picks up on the grey that’s on the floor. This was at the Opening Ceremony store in Soho. It’s a small detail that added a nice unexpected punch.

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