baked donuts

Happy munday. Over the weekend, I tried making baked donuts! Don’t they look cute?Well- the whole thing started as a result of a recent trip to Sur La Table. They had these donut pans and I totally got suckered into buying them. The recipe I used was was on the back. I bought a large size and mini size. Overall they looked great- we had fun putting the sprinkles on and making the glazes- but the taste was not what I was expecting. I guess I’m so used to the traditional fried donuts, that to have these look like them but then not taste the same was a little unexpected. It’s not that they were bad, just not… AMAZING. I’m thinking next time maybe to try a different recipe or variation on the recipe. The ones I made ended up having a pancake-y vibe- might need to figure out a way to make them denser. Have any of you made baked donuts? Any recipes to recommend?

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