April 2010

cardboard elephant

One of the things I love most about Kings Highway (besides the food) at The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs is the big rope elephant head. It’s a little random, a little safari, appropriately desert and totally genius. Well now you can bring that same feel into your own home with Cardboard Safari’s latest release, Eyan the elephant!
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TGIF video break: bittersweet

Sophie Ellis Bextor "Bittersweet"Uploaded by sailormoon92. – Music videos, artist interviews, concerts and more.
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architecture of density

Stunning images of buildings in Hong Kong. By Michael Wolf as part of his “Architecture of Density” series. More here. (via trendland)
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Like… really?

So, if you are a fan of Happy Mundane on Facebook, I guess you’re now a “like”-er . If you’re on Facebook, and not a Facebook fan yet, but you like Happy Mundane- click on the “like” please! (see right side bar)-
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gradation stairs

A little color gradation always brightens my day- (From May 2010 Living Etc. photo: Chris Everard styling: Harriet Paterson)
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mundane aesthetic: frosted mini wheats

Everything looks so much tastier when it’s in a pretty bowl
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