Tin Dragon

Although it hasn’t exactly been ideal “picnic” weather here in So Cal lately, I’ve been having an interest alternatives to paper plates for outdoor entertaining. I like the idea of using nicer china, but I’d imagine that would get heavy and they’re not exactly highly durable if you have are having a get together in a location outside your own home. There’s always bamboo, plastic or melamine, but there’s something kind of cool and unexpected about tin plates- Sadly, most of the tin plates I’ve seen are a little too “camper-y”- However, these ones by Mottahedeh, look incredibly chic and fabulous-

Spotted in the March ’10 Martha Stewart Living (photo by Lucas Allen for MSL), I’m loving the dragon design- available here.

Actually- the fine china version (here) is pretty amazing too! (although a bit out of my price range!)

Available here.

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