Liberty of London for Target

I finally had a chance to check out the Liberty of London collection at Target over the weekend. I have to say- I think it looks fantastic. I love how they applied the prints to all sorts of product categories, and it all looks really good! Out of all the collaborations that Target has done recently, in my opinion, this one is one of the stronger ones. It’s not something that I would necessarily have in my own house, (since I’m not really a floral print guy), but I totally can appreciate it. They’ve made it very easy to add just a little (or a lot) of spring whimsy into your home and/or wardrobe. I especially loved the stationery.

And this watering can is pretty darn cute.

The clothing looked pretty good too- and this might be a bit TMI, but I couldn’t resist getting a few pairs of the men’s boxers.

What did you guys think of the collection? Did you get anything?

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