Bedol water powered clock

Did anyone catch that episode of Brothers & Sisters the other week- the one where Paige had the science project that involved lemon juice for a battery? I have to confess, I was totally fascinated with that. I had heard of making a battery out of potatoes, but didn’t really think about lemons or liquids as conductors. Well, this pretty cool clock follows that same principle. Basically you just fill it with tap water and a splash of lemon juice and it’s good to go! You then only need to refresh it every 6-8 weeks and it even has a memory chip to keep the time while you refresh it so you don’t need to reset it. No more toxic batteries to dispose of! Science is so cool… the clock is by Bedol, and it’s only $16. Comes in a bunch o’ colors. More on their site. Does anyone have one of these? Does it really work?) (images from Brothers & Sisters from ABC)

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