2010? whoa

whoa- it’s 2010- and already full swing into it! sorry for the lack of posts, i have had a very busy holiday and that busy-ness transitioned right into the work week. ugh- anyway- hopefully i’ll be able to catch a breather in the next few days and get up to speed here. Hope everyone had a good holiday- one of the places I was able to visit was the new City Center that recently opened in Vegas. I stayed at the Aria Hotel. Let me just say, this new City Center really changes things there. I was really impressed. This isn’t the cheezy theme-y faux luxe that still dominates the strip- It’s straight up modern. Here’s a few snaps I took (sorry, they’re a little dark as the weather was a bit dreary cold when I was there.) If you didn’t know this was Vegas, it could almost be some other fab metropolitan city right? (NY? London? Tokyo? Barcelona?) Anyhoo- i’ll post more images in my flickr page later this week- stay tuned…

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